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At ’Wiped-Out ®‘ we give you stylish, bespoke, ‘best in class’ campervan sleep equipment specifically designed for your VW cab space!

Our mission is to provide you with an easy to assemble, complete camper cab sleep space ensuring a healthy nights rest for your child and consequently you!


My wife and I both have incredibly fond memories of those ‘always sunny (?)’ camping holidays with our families and now life long friends. Nothing was going to stop us passing those same fondly recalled experiences onto the next generation!

Because we love the simplicity and freedom of the ‘getting out there’ our camper offers, I wanted to embed these values at the heart of ‘Wiped-Out ®‘!

Like most, we tried and tested various concepts around our sleeping arrangements, and I have to say that nothing quite gave us what we needed as a young family of 4.

As our family grew, space was at a premium, and having bought a camper cab bed as ‘the’ solution to the space problem, we quickly identified there was much room for improvement.

My 10 year old boy Charlie and 8 year old Toby’s freedom at night was already restricted due to the design quality and dimensions of the bed we’d invested in. My new purchase was on borrowed time!

Determined to get what we needed, we set to work, and so – ‘Wiped-Out ®‘ was born! 


Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: closed