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Bespoke cab hammock


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The ‘ Wiped-Out ®️ ‘ cab hammock concept offers almost 50% more upper body surface area than the mainstream alternatives, aiding movement and ensuring a sound nights sleep meaning your child will always be well rested throughout your trip!

The exceptional quality of the nylon base which is further supported and strengthened using polyester webbing straps, provides a firm yet flexible cushion on which your child can rest, and it’s waterproof! Factory fitted foam inserts have been thoughtfully incorporated into the material design to avoid damage to the door sills whilst in use.

The revolutionary zinc coated frame was specifically designed with child safety leading the innovation. Because of it’s unique design, this hammock has no voids and utilises the entire cab space negating potential hazards.
It’s easy to click together too, with no need for any spanners or screwdrivers meaning there’s no stray bolts or screws to lose!

The additional vertical supports at the centre enable access through either front doors whilst the hammock is in position, (providing weight distribution is applied), at the same time offering additional stability and peace of mind.
A handy grab bag is provided for your convenience and product storage.

Please remember this item has been specifically designed to cater for the use of children and should be treated with due consideration.

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